June 2015

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Piasau - meaning 'coconut' in local language - is a large area consisting of several residential neighborhood zones and one industrial zone in Miri.

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Columbia Asia Hospital

Columbia Asia Hospital-Miri was acquired in 1998. Located 4km from downtown Miri, it is a fully licensed community hospital in Sarawak.

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101 Commercial Center

101 Commercial Center is a new commercial center currently being built up next to Boulevard Commercial Center. Construction is due to be finished in 2016.

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Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge

Public Park (Taman Awam) Pedestrian Bridge links Miri Public Park (Taman Awam) to the hills above the rock outcrop alongside Miri-Bintulu Road for pedestrians to cross to either the park or the jogging path on the hill for jogging and exercises.

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Piasau Bridge

The old Piasau bridge was a Bailey bridge at Piasau linking from the peninsular to Piasau at the point closest to the sea. The bridge, originally made of steel and wood with a single lane to handle the occasional vehicle traffic crossing, has seen several upgrades over the years.

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Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge

Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that runs over the Miri-Pujut Road in front of Boulevard Commercial Center, just before the Miri-Pujut Flyover.

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CoCoHouse is a guest house located in the heart of Miri City, providing packaged tours for both on land diving sites.

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Paragon Lutong Hotel

The Paragon Lutong Hotel is an elegant hotel and the latest landmark in the bustling commercial and residential township of Lutong

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Miri Public Swimming Pool

The Miri Public Swimming Pool, open to public in the 1980s features a competition sized 50 meter length pool with diving platforms, along with the usual kiddie pool.

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Pelita Pedestrian Bridge

Pelita pedestrian bridge at the Miri-Pujut Road in front of Pelita Commercial Area is a bridge spanning forty six meters from end to end. This bridge links the residential areas at the foothills of Canada Hill Kampung Lereng Bukit to Pelita Commercial Area.