July 2015

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Pujut/Bulatan Roundabout Oil Well Replica

Unbeknownst to many, while all of the old-style oil rig towers are no longer in existence in Miri, there is one replica built at the Pujut/Bulatan roundabout.

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Miri Long Jetty

The Miri Long Jetty was a mile long and stretches out into the sea. This jetty was built so that cargo is easily offloaded from ships to Miri at the tip of the Miri Peninsular. The Long Jetty was a considerable place of interest in the 1970 to late 1990s.

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Saberkas Weekend Night Market

Saberkas Weekend Night Market is a market that opens in the evenings every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Krokop 10 Bazaar Market (Pasar Besar Krokop)

Krokop 10 Bazaar (Pasar Besar Krokop) is a double story building housing the market at Krokop Lorong 10 with market stalls on the ground floor and food stall center on the upper floors.