August 2015

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Nur Hotel

Hotel Nur is a hotel located at the Miri Waterfront area. The hotel provides Wi-Fi, conference facilities, dining restaurant, and has a built-in elevator for quick access to floors.

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Unique Harvest Multi-Story Car Park

One of two multistory car parks in Miri, the Unique Harvest Multi Story Car Park is a six floor parking complex that is run by a private company and caters to a much-needed vehicular parking demand at the Miri Waterfront area.

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Kingsley Hotel

With forty three rooms and situated at the center of Miri, with major shopping malls like Permaisuri Mall, Imperial Mall and Bintang Mall all within a walking distance of 5 to 7 minutes, plus major food outlets and entertainment centers, and handicraft center for souvenirs.

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Comparison: Then & Now : GCM

A comparison of Gymkhanna Club Miri then & now
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Sri Tanjung - Government Rest House (Rumah Kerajaan)

Built in 1925, near Tanjung Lobang, this historic hilltop mansion used to be the Residency of Miri. It is now a VVIP Rest House. Dignitaries that have used this Rest House in the past ranged from White Rajahs, British Governors, Yang Dipertuan Agong, and many more.

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Tomb of Dato Permaisuri (Makam Dato Permaisuri)

The Tomb of Dato Permaisuri that of a legend of a beautiful princess who has settled down in Miri after a shipwreck. In recognition of her unselfish services to the local muslim community, her tomb was gazetted by the Sarawak Government to be part of the Miri heritage.

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Tourist Arrival Through Miri Airport by Month 2011 - 2014

No specific definition of "Tourist". Different data from here.
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