September 2015



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Rojak is a 'salad' of either fruits such as pineapples, and vegetables like cucumber , turnip, tofu, and fried dough, and mixed in shrimp paste and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. The taste is exotic and a fusion these fruits and is a favorite among Mirians.


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Lutong Cinema

The Lutong Cinema was constructed in 1959, and as one of the first post war cinemas is a source of entertainment for Mirians and Lutongites.

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Miri Recreation Club

The Miri Recreation Club was one of the long line of clubs in Miri. Today the club doesn't exist any more, and the building the club was in now houses the Urban and Social Development Offices.

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Sungai Tujoh Immigration to open until 12midnight

Starting 1st September 2015, the Sungai Tujoh Immigration at the Brunei-Sarawak border will operate until 12midnight, the Brunei immigration will operate the same hours. The operations in the mornings is unchanged and begin at the same time, which is at 6 o'clock in the mornings.

This applies for all Brunei - Sarawak borders, with similar arrangements at Limbang and Lawas immigrations.

Previously the immigration closes at 10pm.


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Manok Pansoh

Manok Pansoh is an Iban delicacy, which is essentially chicken in bamboo.