Orang Kenyah

There are few findings on the exact origin of the Kenyah tribe. Their heartland however, is Long San, along the Baram River. Their culture is very similar to that of the Kayan tribe with whom they live in close association.

The typical Kenyah village consists of only one longhouse and the people are mainly farmers, planting rice.

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tq for the information..im from long anap baram..im kenyah..(Jonathan M.Sagan)

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Borneo is an island. Shared by the following countries:

-Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak)
-Indonesia (Kalimantan)

Borneo is the world's 3rd largest island.

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In what country is Borneo belong to? Is it belong to the Philippines or Malaysia?
Linda J. Carver
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I am an iban married to a kenyan woman. Your language and culture is so beautiful. Your women are fair and beautiful. Your music and dance so graceful. How can i resist this wonderful people of Borneo.

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Ayo yo nun pa inan Morekian pa lahak imban sebubuk kuman murik sidak nya ken lik perai.

Submitted by puok ngurek lurah bawang ipong (Lg Banyok & Lg Semiyang) (not verified) on Tue, 2011-12-13 11:03.

Naem ipat neh kenyah , Naem pa ipat kayan tape ipat nek nah ngurek ayen lingok pasen bangsa tam.

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im proud to be morekian..:)

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U are WeLcome too Long San @ Baram places...
Some about Ulu Baram:
1.LOng Akah ForT,long San.Built in 1929 during King Charles Vyner Brooke.
2.Waterfall,Long San.
3.Long Akah Airport,Long San.
4.Biggest Christian Church,ST.Paul in Long San.
5.Lots of Longhouses along the Baram River.
6.Julan Waterfall,Long Julan...
8.Difference type of peoples u can find like kenyah,kayan,kelabit,penan,n including Malay..

That a lots U can find here...So, don`t dismiss Ur journey to Baram...
Anything?...our Peoples in Baram owest be ur`s indicator..CU there...

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Fri, 2010-07-23 11:31.

I'll see what I can do on reliable information. Will seek out a reliable source first.


Submitted by Anak ngurek ( Lg Tungan + Ngurek +Long Moh + ?= anak Ngurek) (not verified) on Fri, 2010-07-23 11:13.

i am proud to be ngurek for only ONE reason, i am NGUREK( hahahah, funny)..... can u give me 5 reason why do i have to proud to be ngurek????
Mr Admin.....Please explain our culture & our history well here, in this blog......so that 'anak2 ngurek' have their reason to be proud of being 'ngurek'......regards....

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long makaba also....

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Tamaddun mesti mau tau sebelum berkata-kata...jangan main tembak saja

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identify urslf my friend

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do u know to the Berawan the ngurek are called "Lelak"?

Submitted by Ngorek Blood (not verified) on Fri, 2010-01-15 22:33.

Bisak laum nan anak kenyah ngurek. Akuk nyukong laum.
Lia pa ikut anuk begeneh jadek forum pat Ngurek.
Meka bain sok tam baya, Ipat enji bengesak anuk anyan temadun.

Submitted by Anak Kenyah Ngurek (not verified) on Mon, 2010-01-11 08:25.

I am sad and sorry on your understanding explaining on the history of the Ngurek, which is totally weird and untrue. Where on earth did your got that story, the government authorities regard Ngurek can be call Kayan. I am proud to be KENYAH TRIBE, NGUREK from Long Semiyang. I am pure Ngurek.
Ako anak Kenyah, Ngurek. My ancestors/parent do not want Ngurek to be called, Kayan, Orang Puteh or any other races where we are actually belong to.
Whoever you are, shamed on you. We sound more like those guys gossips on the street walk. You are writing nonsense. You reason my generation base on your own narrow and childish understanding.

Submitted by Charles Gau (not verified) on Sun, 2010-01-10 11:08.

I am ngurek blood from Long Banyok.
My great grand father named Tama maping Nyipa leads our people
to down stream of Telang Usan (Baram), Temala (
Stated in The Pagan Tribe Of Borneo By Charles Hose)
before moved to Long Banyok.

He leads some of the people back to Long Semiyang.

Ngorek the people popular with their ''Magalitic Graves'' which claimed by others on present days.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2010-01-07 14:55.

By the way,who are you? Seem you know a lot a lot about this NGURIK tribe.

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Pls refer to below address for Ngurek, Ngorek, Morek, Murik informations and history.


Social Science Research and Conservation Management in the ...
11 Jun 2003 ... of interior East Kalimantan. (Pujungan, Kerayan, Malinau and Kayan Hulu). Karina
Arifin and Bernard Sellato1 ...
http://www.cifor.cgiar.org/publications/pdf_files/Books/soci... - -1k - Similar pages

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Official ceremony of newly completed modern long house at Long Banyok on 25th July 2009, all "anak Ngoreks" are encourage to make your trip home during this historical event. For those who are interested to see how the ngoreks live, cultures, language, you are most welcome. Long Banyok is situated in the middle part of Baram, about 5 - 6 hours express boat journey from Kuala Baram, transit at Marudi before arriving. Today, there`s a new road link direct to the village, it takes about 5 hours drive from Miri-Lapok-Long Banyok. [ Sad to say, the Bakong - Lapok stretch is still as it is since it exist ]. Hope those anak Ngorek concern can help to organise or arrange for proper transportation for this event so that more people can attend. Thanks.

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I thank you all for posting these information on these people. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about these people which I could not source and therefore the major groups are shown on this site only.

It is unfortunate that other ethnics will be classified in this manner.

On the other hand, if you have information regarding these races and that they should be classified in their own right, please do write to us with all the necessary information and provide some form of source for it, we will post this information up.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2009-05-12 13:31.

Thanks for your write up. Some correction; for your info,'ngureks are not kenyah in term of race. Ngureks is a different race by itself,but because of ngurek`s similarity with kenyah and kayan culture/social lives,the then gov't authorities regard them as kenyah, otherwise also can be kayan. pls. get more info about this race. I understand there's more Ngurek living in Kalimantan,Batang Kayan.In Baram only 2 villages; Long Banyok and Long Semiyang.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2009-04-28 22:29.

Incidentally, in Baram, Kenyah settlements are also found in Uma Akeh, Long Puak, Long Banyo (Kenyah Murek) and Long Ekang (or Long Ikang) which is really a confluent of ehnic Kenyah. Long Ekang has various Kenyah dialects living togather in the same village. They are principally Long Ulai, Long Sebatu, Murek, Long Belukun, Lepo' Jalan, Lepo' Kulit, Lepo' Tau, Ngurek Puah', Bakong, Lepo' Tukong and many more. Long Ekang also has a Kayan long house. So in Baram, the Kenyah are not confined to villages between Long San and Lio Matu only. Kenyah are also found in the Tinjar and Apoh are.

Submitted by Taja ENjok (not verified) on Fri, 2008-02-01 19:01.

more info on Kenyah, please refer to http://liomatoh.blogspot.com

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The kenyahs are living upper river of Baram river, from Long San up to Lio Mato, Long Banga and at Kenyahs in Belaga area.