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Mega Hotel

Mega Hotel
Lot 907,
Jalan Merbau
P.o.Box 1165,
98008 Miri

Telephone : 6 085-432432
Fax : 6 085-433433

Web site :

Grand Palace Hotel

Lot 638, Block 7, MCLD
2KM, Miri-Pujut Road
Pelita Commercial Center
P.o.Box 1525
98008 Miri

Telephone : 6 085-428888
Fax : 6 085-427777

Email :

Web site :

Benarat Lodge

Benarat Lodge in Mulu National Park Sarawak is the backpacker’s solution for a budget stay in Mulu National Park ( . Located just across the Melinau River from Royal Mulu Resort, it is the lower end type of accommodation.

For a price of RM150-180 for twin or triple share per room per night, you can get a comfortable night sleep after a hard day caving in Mulu.

You may contact them at for advance booking as the place is mostly packed with travellers. You may also make instant booking of tours in Mulu with instant confirmation at:

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