Eastwood Valley Golf Resort

Lot 1379, Block 17
Kuala Baram District
98000 Miri

P.M.M. Box 88
Wakil Pos Mini Morsjaya
98000 Miri

Telephone : 6 085-421010
Telephone : 6 085-431717
Telephone : 6 085-419525
Telephone : 6 085-439525
Fax : 6 085-417858
Fax : 6 085-430515
Fax : 6 085-425818

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The Eastwood Golf Course is among the finest golf course in Sarawak. Recently built and located just behind Canada Hill, the course features a beautifully landscaped fairway & green - providing just enough challenge for golfers. The course is only 10 minutes drive away from City Center, strategically located & easily accessible from all directions - from Miri Airport, from Miri City, or even from neighboring country Brunei - all easily accessible. The Resort also provides accomodation - so there is no need to drive into town for overnight stays.

- 18 holes buggy golf course
- 46 bay driving range & practice facility
- 50 chalets for overnight stays
- A banquet hall
- Lake View Terrace Cafe

Benarat Lodge

Benarat Lodge in Mulu National Park Sarawak is the backpacker’s solution for a budget stay in Mulu National Park ( . Located just across the Melinau River from Royal Mulu Resort, it is the lower end type of accommodation.

For a price of RM150-180 for twin or triple share per room per night, you can get a comfortable night sleep after a hard day caving in Mulu.

You may contact them at for advance booking as the place is mostly packed with travellers. You may also make instant booking of tours in Mulu with instant confirmation at:

Diving Spots in Miri Waters

Miri is a popular dive destination, due to an abundance of pristine patch reefs that make up the Miri-Sibuti Reef Marine Park, lying at depths from 7 to 30 meters with average visibility ranging from 10 to 30 meters. There are also some interesting wreck dives. The best time to dive is from March to August, but diving is available all year round.

The diversity and accessibility of corals and other marine life on the reefs is amongst the best in the region. Hard and soft corals cover the entire reefs, with abundant gorgonians, sea-whips, anemones, sponges and crinoids. Angel fish, butterfly fish, fusiliers, groupers, stingrays, trigger fish, parrot fish, wrasses are among the numerous reef species that can be seen and over 40 species of nudibranch have been recorded.

Dive Sites
For the dive enthusiasts, Eve's Garden, Santak Point, Kenyalang Rig, Tukau Drop Off and Siwa Reefs are not to be missed if you want to see some of the most beautiful corals, turtles, variety of fishes and even the occasional shark. Sunken vessels such as Sri Gadong and Atago Maru are also interesting dive sites.

All the sites listed below are just a short boat ride from the city:

Eve's Garden (15 mins boat ride)
A shallow reef of just 7-12 meters carpeted with soft corals such as leather corals, elephant's ear and dead man's fingers. Giant anemones and clown fish inhabit the reef, along with schooling yellowtail fusiliers and angel fishes.

Anemone Garden (30mins)
One of the most interesting reefs with a depth range of 10 - 16 meters, with hard and soft corals, anemones and their symbolic clown fishes, bubble corals, anchor corals, colorful dendronepthya soft corals, feather stars, giant clams, nudibranches and schooling yellowtails.

Sea Fan Garden (30 mins)
This unique 16 meter deep reef provides an excellent environment for an amazing variety of gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and schooling batfish.

Tukau Drop-Off (50 mins)
An exciting drop-off reef (20-40 meters) with a vertical wall. Schooling jacks, barracudas, napoleon Wrasses, yellowtail fusiliers and large groupers are always present, and sharks and trumpet fish are occasionally seen here.

Grouper Patch (1 hour)
Giant groupers inhabit this reef of 15-18 meters depth. Spiny lobsters are also present together with yellowtail fusiliers and other schooling fishes.

Santak Point (45 mins)
The average visibility here is 30 meters of more. Large gorgonian fans of 2 meters in size are all over the top of the reeef at 21 meters. Te reef edge drops to 35 meters.

Atago Maru Wreck (15 mins)
A World War II era Japanese warship wreck just off Lutong. The 100 meter ship sits upright with the top deck just 10 meters below the surface. Most of the hull is covered with cave corals. A large moray eel has made its home here and travelly, jacks and barracudas are frequently seen.

Batu Belais Reef (30 mins)
A picturesque reef covered with gorgonian trees and seafans. Batfishes are common among the long swaying sea whips - a photographer's heaven.

Sunday Reef (35 mins)
Large hard corals make up this richly inhabited 11-16 meter deep reef, populated with anemones, clown fishes and nudibranches.

Sri Gadong Wreck (1 HR 10 mins)
A small 30 meter cargo ship sits on an 18 meter sand bottom. The whole wreck is teeming with life; jacks, yellow grunts, batfish and barracudas circle the wreck while giant groupers swim in or out of the cargo holds.

For more information for diving, please contact Tropical Dives for details and packages. They are located here.

Miri, The Diving haven

Miri has long been known for it's exotic national parks and caves, it's under water world is now gaining attention of scuba divers ever since the untouched coral reefs were discovered in recent years.

Divers, from beginners to those who have dived all the world famous spots, have nothing but praise for the reefs around Miri. The reefs here are all patch reefs with varying depths from 7 to 30 meters with average visibility of 10 to 30 meters.

The variety of corals and other marine life on the reefs rivals the best in the region. Hard and soft corals cover the entire reefs. Gorgonians, sea-whips, anemones, sponges and crinoids are abundant. Reef fish like the angel fish, butterfly fish, fusiliers, groupers, stingrays, trigger fish, parrot fish, wrasses are among the numerous species that can be seen. 40 species of nudibranchs have already been sighted.

Boat diving with Tropical Dives is easy and comfortable! The dive locations have next to no current most of the time and water temperature averages 30 degree Celsius. Our PADI trained divemaster or instructor is on hand during all boat dives to ensure a safe and pleasurable diving experience.

Seridan Mulu Tour & Travel is one of the regions major inbound land tour operators and now with Tropical Dives, our very own Scuba Diving Division we are able to offer total adventure travel, on land and under water.

Dive sites
Eve's Garden - 20 Minutes
Anemone Garden - 35 Minutes
Siwa Reef - 40 Minutes
Sea Fan Garden - 30 Minutes
Sunday Reef - 35 Minutes
VHK Reef - 40 Minutes
Tukau Drop-Off - 50 Minutes
Batu Belais - 45 Minutes
Grouper Patch - 60 Minutes
Atagu Maru Wreck - 20 Minutes
Sri Gadong Wreck - 60 Minutes

Pictures from Dive Division Seridan Mulu

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