Walking in and around Miri

In Miri, alot of the old town area is accessible by walking. However, be careful when walking. Pedestrians are not given priority in miri, and drivers tend not to let pedestrians cross the road (there may be a few exceptions, believe it or not, there are some courteous drivers around.)

Generally, these places have slow traffic, have plenty of traffic lights or are constantly in a jam so crossing the road is not very dangerous.

Most landmarks can be seen from anywhere in the Old Town Center so it is easy to know your location and not get lost. Even if you do get lost, a lot of the locals know English, so asking directions is easy.

Should your feet tire from walking, there are two taxi stations within the town center, and a few more minor ones outside shopping complexes, so finding one and getting a ride back to your hotel or destination is easy.

A lot of the hotels and inns are within the town center too.

One end of the square in the grid to another is about 5 minutes walk. Map is not to scale.

To view a proper high-resolution map, please go to the maps page.


If you happen to be on bicycle, please remember that, like pedestrians, priority are not given to cyclists by motorists, so one thing to remember is to always stay on the side of the road and never stray into the road unless it is clear.


While Miri is considered a safe city to be in, visitors are still advised to take the necessary precautions as a prevention, such as not wearing too much jewelery in public, using snatch-proof handbags or holding their handbag close to their body to avoid getting snatched, although handbag snatching and robbery is not very common. Even so, decrease the chances of opportunity for that to happen.

If you are driving your own car in Miri, be sure to take extra caution on use of steering or brake locks for your car or bike, park in well-lit or high-traffic areas.

By using common sense and just being careful taking precautions you will avoid anything bad from happening.