The Trick to Parking in Miri

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This happened to me lately; I just got into the multi-story carpark, didn't even park, got a phone call to do something and so I had to go out - this all happened within a minute, but I still get charged for "parking" in the multistory carpark. Seriously? They didn't even have the 15 minutes buffer like in shopping complexes.

So this got me thinking; here's some tricks to parking in Miri. I think I got it all sorted out:

1. Wait by your car in a parking spot. As the parking attendants come by, just wave to them. You will not get charged for PARKING. Just think of it like using the Force in Star Wars, except that you need to be by your vehicle all the time. As you would expect, this works EXTREMELY WELL if you park directly in front of your place of work where you will be always by your vehicle. This is the trick to forever free parking.

2. Put up your wipers. This apparently indicates that you will be parking for a while, so this lets you off the hook too (not guaranteed to work, but that is a 50% thing)

3. Wait till it rains. Free parking for all!

4. Use a coupon like you should. But park like an asshat taking up 2 spaces. This should be worth it because you DON'T get a fine. After all, taking up 2 spaces for the price of one, right? Win. Because they don't fine you for parking like a dimwit.

5. Drive into the multi-story carpark. Don't get a ticket and tell them you are just going in there to wait for children to come after school. Because the multi-story carpark shades you from the sun and is an awesome place to be. Then PARK INSIDE there until your children comes along, and then leave. Cost? Free! There is a school near the multi-story car park and I see parents do this all the time. They just enter and go out for free. Totally different scenario than the one I experienced above.

Things you shouldn't do:

1. Park properly and THEN walk over to buy a parking coupon. Because this will guarantee you will get a fine when you come back with the coupon in your hand. What you SHOULD do is, park your car blocking half the road in front of the parking coupon hut and then buy the coupon. No, seriously.

2. Park properly, and then get the date / time wrong, it's a common occurance. So now your fine will cost MORE than those who didn't leave a coupon, because you just wasted a coupon, sucker.

3. Go into the multi-story carpark, get a ticket, don't park, and then get out again. Because no matter what, just by driving into the multi-story carpark infers you have parked. Don't try to explain. Ticket, entered, and therefore, parked. A fee shall be incurred.

A Miri Math Quiz

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Math quiz: Parking coupons in Miri are supposed to cost RM4.25. They take RM5 and give you back RM0.70. What happened to the RM0.05?

The person in the parking booth claims they do not have 5 cents left (this early in the morning at 9am!)

So what do they do? Don't return the 5 cents, of course. Well of course to make excuses for laziness for not preparing enough 5 cent coins. We all know that if theyare to 'fix' this problem they will probably round the price up to RM4.30 or RM4.50, not issue more 5 cent coin changes.

Pan Borneo Highway - "Killer Highway" & Recent Express Bus Accidents

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The 'highway', a route connecting Bintulu & Miri in northern Sarawak, has always been known as a very accident-prone and a hotbed for crime and carjackings, now is also becoming a hotbed for express bus accidents.

Three serious express bus accidents occured in the past 5 months, claimed five lives, one including a six-month pregnant victim. In the latest accident, foreign tourists were also involved.

The list of express bus accidents :

- On March 4th, an express bus ferrying 19 people turned-turtle at the Pan Borneo Highway. It is fortunately that everyone, including some foreign tourists survived.

- On Jan 28, and express bus was involved in a head-on collision with a lorry,killing an Indian national and a pregnant woman.

- On Nov 21 last year, three people were killed and eight others injured when the express bus they were traveling in, collided head-on with a 38-tonne lorry.

It is not known what the causes were in these accidents. But the 'highway' is notorious for its deadly pot-holes, narrow roads and a lack of street lighting and effective reflectors for motoring individuals and other traffic, lack of maintenance and poor safety barriers.


Parking Along Bendahara Road is Being Removed

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Parking along Bendahara road is being removed to make way for road widening. If you're turning into town from Melayu Road / Kingsway Road along China Street, there will be absolutely no parking for you, until you turn left along Cassia Road, turn into Anatto Street, make a turn into Raja Road adjacent to China Street, to find a parking space. Normally you'd find a spot along Bendahara, but this isn't possible now.

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Or you could park in the new parking area along the riverside just off Bendahara Road (as designated in these signs), which is quite a distance away.

As can also be seen in the pictures, the removal of the parking lines will only make people park in their own invisible parking spots. This road will be packed, parking or not. Is this a good idea?

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