Lesson Not Learned : Untamed Wildfires, Air quality Terrible

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History repeats itself since June, as of around late morning yesterday, the API (Air Pollutant Index) for the Industrial Training Institute (ILP) in Miri stood at 236, which was 73 point-jump from the previous day from the API of 163 recorded at 11am on Sunday. The monitoring station is located near the fires which started on Friday.

A good API reading is from 0-50, moderate (51-100), unhealthy (101-200), very unhealthy (201-299) and hazardous from 300 and above. The rest of the country enjoyed normal or low moderate air quality readings.

"The air quality in Miri's Kuala Baram district has worsened to very unhealthy levels in just a day due to raging wildfires, making it the only area in the country with such poor readings.

This is the first time that very unhealthy readings have been recorded in the area and in the country since June. Miri town itself recorded low moderate air quality readings."


Power outage, 25th March 2012

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A power outage occurred at about 12:20pm today (25th March 2012) throughout the whole of Miri that went on till some time later in the afternoon, about 4pm. This was enough to cause a lot of disruptions to the Sunday businesses, shopping complexes, and causing accidents at traffic lights (on the way home I could see a huge spray of glass at one particular intersection). Traffic police were deployed at some of the intersections during this time.

This disruption also affected this website, as our server emergency battery was not able to sustain for more than an hour of backup power supply, so MiriResortCity.com went out for several hours as a result.

Sarawakian woman reported missing in Christchurch

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Search efforts to find a Malaysian woman who was reported missing in Christchurch, New Zealand following earthquakes last Tuesday are still ongoing.

According to Ayauf Bachi, chief of the Malaysian operations room in Chirstchurch, they received reports on the missing woman from her friends on the day of the incident.

The family of the woman, who is in her 30s, originating from Sarawak, has
been informed of her disappearance.

The New Zealand Civil Defence team, which heads the search and rescue operations, has also been informed of the missing woman who works for a private company in the city.

There were 636 Malaysians in Christchurch, including 390 students, and they have held meetings with about 40 students yesterday to find out what kind of assistance is needed. The earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale last Tuesday, has caused the death of 98 people, while 300 others were reported missing.


Authorities have yet to announce if there was any Mirians or Sarawakians injured or killed in the New Zealand earthquake.

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The authorities have yet to announce if there was any Sarawakian injured or killed in the New Zealand earthquake. The magnitude 6.3 earthquake toppled buildings in that struck the Canterbury region in New Zealand's South Island at 12:51 pm on 22 February 2011 local time ,causing widespread damage and multiple fatalities. It follows only five months after the 7.1 magnitude 2010 Canterbury earthquake, which had caused significant damage to the region but no fatalities.

Mirian Jason Lai, who works as a software tester in Christchurch wrote that “Most Mirians or Sarawakians I know are safe and sound, without injuries, although some of their houses aren’t,? to Borneo Post.


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