Fake 100 Ringgit in Circulation Around the City

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Wed, 2013-01-09 17:01. :: Eyes on Miri | Crime fighting | News & Events | Special interests

Police warn of fake new RM100 notes in circulation in Miri - and possibly other towns as well - after receiving reports regarding the matter, one of which is reported by a bank.

The notes are known to be fake due to the poor paper quality and lack of security features, and all have the same serial number: AA7825588. Police warn members of the public to be extra cautious when receiving new RM100 notes.

Just on touch alone will be enough to determine a fake because the real 100 Ringgit notes will not wrinkle easily compared to the poor quality paper used to make these fakes. Other measures include use of UV lights to check authenticity of the notes.

If unsure, please refer to the nearest Bank Negara office (Kuching).