Parking Along Bendahara Road is Being Removed

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Mon, 2009-11-02 09:54. :: Eyes on Miri | Automotive | News & Events | Rants

Parking along Bendahara road is being removed to make way for road widening. If you're turning into town from Melayu Road / Kingsway Road along China Street, there will be absolutely no parking for you, until you turn left along Cassia Road, turn into Anatto Street, make a turn into Raja Road adjacent to China Street, to find a parking space. Normally you'd find a spot along Bendahara, but this isn't possible now.

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Or you could park in the new parking area along the riverside just off Bendahara Road (as designated in these signs), which is quite a distance away.

As can also be seen in the pictures, the removal of the parking lines will only make people park in their own invisible parking spots. This road will be packed, parking or not. Is this a good idea?