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Taman Selera Video

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Fri, 2007-01-26 14:00. :: Eyes on Miri | Special interests

Just a video I took at Taman Selera. It's not much. Really. Just fooling around with the built-in video recording function on my friend's Nikon Coolpix 5900.

I meet these morons everyday.

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Wed, 2007-01-24 13:56. :: Eyes on Miri | Rants

How many of us come across things like this everyday?? The amount of people doing this shows lack of brain matter among them. This directly raises concern on whether it would have an impact on the future generations, provided these people know enough to have a next generation that is..

Ahah, a parking space at the end!


One motorbike taking up a full car parking space.

Long distance relationship and Valentine's day

Submitted by Cheekui on Mon, 2007-01-22 23:37. :: Eyes on Miri

For couples all around the world, this coming 14th February is going to be the day everyone is anticipating for. It's already hard enough to find any decent florist in Miri city, and trust me, that means an added problems for couples like my girlfriend and I, who are having long distance relationship.

Since I am from Miri and it's quite tough to personally hand in anything to her. And my last resort was to order from an online florist that can help me to deliver the gift to her in Miri.

So, I actually managed to do some ordering from an online florist who can deliver some surprise gift to my girlfriend. (Well, it's good that she didn't read blogs, or else this won't be any surprise anymore, oh well)

Well, it's quite hard to maintain a long term relationship eh?I am planning to go back to Miri during this Chinese New Year. Maybe I will spend most of the time at my girlfriend's house. We'll see how things goes :D

So, do you have any plan on Valentine's Day? Mind to share with me?

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Miri is Sinking?

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Mon, 2007-01-22 22:10. :: Eyes on Miri

Yup, you've probably heard about it. The whole town's been talking about it.

Miri is 'sinking'. Or, sea levels are rising. Well either one has the same results anyway.

There's a thread on MiriCommunity.net about it. Some Chinese text and Malay language in there, I wasn't able to find any article in English about it online.

So sea levels rising? I went over to Taman Selera to snap a few pics:

This is how close the waterline has gone up to the food stalls in Taman Selera. This isn't yet high tide. It used to be that the seawater is at least some 10-15 meters further away, hardly touching this wall during high tide, let alone being able to get into this picture. There used to be trees on the left side of the wall. Nowadays, whatever trees left are slowly dying or washed away by the sea, see how only the roots are left?

Sea levels rising? Or land mass sinking? Whatever. My picture shows that whatever it is, we're definitely seeing some changes.

Another sorry sight I'd like to point out too:

Anyone who remembers this bridge at Taman Selera will remember that there used to be a decent stream flowing through here under the bridge. Now it's just full of junk, trash and rotting logs! The stream has now been downgraded to a mere ditch! (sorry for the blur picture, attempting non-flash to avoid attention)

Also, I came across this next to the bridge-drain :

"Keep Our Park Clean"

How ironic. When will people learn to read?

In case you're wondering, yes, this is in fact Taman Selera, the same seaside park where the schoolgirls were bullying another girl that made worldwide coverage and in which Kenny Sia made a hilarious spoof of.

As for the sinking part? Well, I'm not really buying that. We won't see Atlantis in the making. But I'm convinced that our coast will be eroded and destroyed in the near future.

Read about soil erosion courtesy of Wikipedia and Global Warming.

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