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13th May 2007 - "Sarawak woos Brunei capital for tourism linkup"

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"THE Sarawak Tourism Board is seeking a Bandar Seri Begawan tie-up in promoting packages for the state, in a bid to open up its Middle East market.

The board's Chief Executive, Gracie Geiki, said Middle Eastern visitors currently make up a negligible part of Sarawak's tourist arrivals, which were recorded at close to three million last year. One of the reasons for the dearth of Mid-East tourists was the limited number of international flights to Sarawak, especially Miri and other interior areas, she said at a joint press conference with Sarawak Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Wong Soon Koh and Miri Resident Ose Murang, the highest official in the city, in conjunction with the Miri International Jazz Festival here yesterday.

To counter the airlink problem, the Sarawak Tourism Board plans to promote packages to the state with hubs in countries and cities with more international flights.

Bandar Seri Begawan was a good choice, Gracie said, as the Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) had flights to Dubai, while being just two hours away from Miri by car. The other proposed hubs are Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The plan, called a hubbing strategy, uses Brunei as the hub of the travel packages, with some three days in Brunei and at least two days in Sarawak. The Sarawak Tourism Board said it was also hoping RBA would carry on with its plan to reinstate its Bandar Seri Begawan-Kuching flight, which is expected by the end of the year, to make more packages available to visitors from the Middle East.

Gracie said Miri was also gearing up to lure more Middle Eastern tourists by preparing the required infrastructure and facilities, like luxury resorts, one of which would open in July."

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My take:

Getting Bruneian tourists had always been a no-brainer, it's very obvious. But the Bruneians' security concerns should be delt with sooner, and this has to start from the police patrols, not only in cars or motorbikes, but on foot in populated areas to further reduce carjacking or snatchtheft.

If the police would actually make scheduled patrols on foot in pairs with a proper check-in check-out system crime would certainly not be as high as it would be.

It would also help that if the police are actually friendly and socialize with the people for once.

Oh yes, we wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day.

12th May, 2007 - "Local enthusiasts at Miri International Jazz Festival"

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"Local and foreign-based workers from Brunei will be among the 4,000 jazz enthusiasts at the forthcoming Miri International Jazz Festival 2007, to be held on May 11 and 12 at Parkcity Everly Hotel Pavilion.

The music festival is held in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and Malaysia's 50th Merdeka celebrations.

Citing news reports, the organisers said the response has been favourable, with over 90 per cent of tickets for both nights already sold out.

Apart from the tickets sold online, 20 per cent (nearly 400) of the tickets were snapped up by jazz enthusiasts from Brunei through a recent sales blitz organised by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)."

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There will be another session tonight (12th May).


Some minor corrections made, chiefly the sudden return to 2006

Some changes to MiriResortCity.com

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It's been quite long since my last update, so I'll just use the same old lame excuse I use every time whenever I can't get projects done on time.

I've been busy.


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I want to just inform our readers that I've made some minor changes to the way this blog is structured. It used to be that the news & events page is separate from the blog, but I've merged it into the Eyes on Miri blog, which means that it is also available to our bloggers to post events and news items, and also less confusion for readers.

I've decided that I should now put more work into updates and prior to this it isn't a very efficient way to have both a blog and news page to update.

On another matter, which isn't very new, the business search directory now has its own simplified domain name: MiriBiz.com, or MiriBusiness.com and its old link Search.MiriResortCity.com would still work.

Now hopefully after merging the two together we can provide some great content.

You can still access the news archives here.

How safe is Miri Pujut-Airport Bypass?

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"On Sunday morning (28 January 2007), a technician from an international oil and gas company died on the spot after his Toyota Opa car was rammed by a Ford Ranger coming from the opposite direction at Miri Bypass. Abang Mohamad Azroll, 28, was heading for his office in Lutong when he lost control of his car which landed up on the opposite lane where it was hit by the oncoming twin cab. "


How safe is Miri Bypass? There were already countless accidents on that stretch over the past year. As chance would have it, I took a video of how the road is and how its drivers are.

I noticed this particular car was behaving strangely from Padang Kerbau. Watch what happens.

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