Miri Mayfest Green Ride 2015

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Miri Mayfest Green Ride 2015 at Permy Mall this morning 7am to 10am. Length of the Green Ride is 22KM.

Venue : Permy Mall
Time : 7am
Date : 1st May 2015

More at gallery. All photos courtesy of Pui.

6th July 2013 : Pujut Declared Dengue Outbreak Hotspot

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In a recent statistics report, Pujut has been declared a dengue outbreak zone in Miri due to increase of Dengue cases reported.

This is not the first time Pujut had been delcared a Dengue outbreak area. In 2009 to 2010 it has also been declared an outbreak zone. This is according to deputy health officer Dr Veronica Lugah from the Divisional Health Office. It is the first dengue outbreak recorded for 2013.

Pujut had 13 cases of dengue outbreak reported in June alone. This alerted the authorities to declare the outbreak zone.

Pujut Corner is the hotspot, and there are also cases in Pujut Anting, Pujut Rail and Pujut Tanjong Batu. Besides Pujut areas, there are also cases reported in Tudan, Permyjaya and Taman Tunku.

The Health Ministry had begun conducting a nationwide public health law enforcement operation to stem the dengue outbreak, those found to have Aedes breeding grounds within their premises could face stiff fines.

See previous statistics for dengue outbreaks in Miri

Sign & Symptoms of Dengue infection:

- High continous fever of 3 days or more
- Headache, backache and retrobital pain
- Abdominal pain, vomiting, loose stools
- Petechial haemorrhage and/or spontaneous bleeding
- Rash - generalized flushing/maculopapular/confluent rash with small islands of normal skin.
- Hepatomegaly
- Fall in platelet count that precedes or occurs simultaneously with a rise in the haematocrit
- Normal WBC or leucopenia with relative lymphocytosis
- Normal ESR (
- Shock

Dengue virus infection may present in four different clinical syndromes:

- Undifferentiated fever
- Dengue fever

An acute febrile illness with sudden onset of fever with two or more of the following manifestations:

Headache, retro orbital pain, myalgia, arthralgia, skin rash, haemorrhagic manifestations and leucopenia.

AND Supportive serology (refer to lab diagnosis) OR

Occurance at the same location and time as other confirmed cases of DF.

It is known as 'breakbone fever' because of severe muscular pains. The fever maybe biphasic (i.e two separate episodes or waves of fever) Most patients recover after a few days.

- Dengue haemorrhagic
- An acute onset of fever followed by other symptoms resulting from thrombocytopenia, increased vascular permeability and haemorrhagic manifestations.
- Dengue Shock Syndrome
- Supervenes in a small proportion of cases. Severe hypotension develops, requiring urgent medical treatment to correct hypovolaemia. Without appropriate treatment, 40%-50% of cases are fatal. While with timely therapy, the mortality rate is 1% or less.


Hepatomegaly, pleural effusion, ascites, bleeding in any forms, unusual neurological presentations include mononeuropathies, polyneuropathies, encephalitis and transverse myelitis.

Encephalopathy occurs occasionally and may result from liver failure or electrolyte imbalances and sometimes shock which may lead to death.


Specific treatment : None

Symptomatic treatment

Advise rest, drink plenty of fluids and take regular painkillers (e.g. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen) to relieve symptoms of fever or aching

- Fluid replacement (Plenty of oral or IV fluids),
- Blood transfusion ( packed red cells) in significant bleeding,
- Platelet transfusion is generally avoided unless there is significant bleeding regardless of the severity of thrombocytopenia or platelet count < 10,000/mm3 with impending or established CNS bleed or continuous bleeding from pre-existing peptic ulcer and Antipyretic for fever.

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25th May 2013 : MRC Mass Blood Donation

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MRC Mass Blood Donation

Date : 25th May 2013

Venue : Permy Mall

Organiser : Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri Chapter Contact : 085-413346

18 May 2013 - Health Talk : "You Are What You Eat"

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18 May 2013 - Health Talk : "You Are What You Eat"

Venue : Imperial Palace Hotel

Time : 9am

Contact: Ms. Christine Lee 085-423728

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