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A Miri Math Quiz

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Math quiz: Parking coupons in Miri are supposed to cost RM4.25. They take RM5 and give you back RM0.70. What happened to the RM0.05?

The person in the parking booth claims they do not have 5 cents left (this early in the morning at 9am!)

So what do they do? Don't return the 5 cents, of course. Well of course to make excuses for laziness for not preparing enough 5 cent coins. We all know that if theyare to 'fix' this problem they will probably round the price up to RM4.30 or RM4.50, not issue more 5 cent coin changes.

747 over Miri

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Royal Brunei 747-400 flying circuit over Miri. They've been doing this on and off for quite some time. Apparently, they're practicing over here because Miri Airport airspace is so sparse. :D

The Clocktower, 2 years on

Submitted by eyeonmiri on Sun, 2008-06-22 19:54. :: Eyes on Miri | Blogosphere | Inane ramblings | Rants | Sarcasm | Special interests

So two years on, the flyover's been built, fuel prices skyrocketed, crime skyrocketed but where is our faceless clocktower?

Here it is: Unchanged since Day 1 when I first reported on it.

They even said in order to 'preserve' the clocktower landmark, they actually built the flyover AROUND the clocktower.

Preservation of old landmarks is all good except.. what use is to preserve it if you don't even keep it working and let its sorry state to view to the public and tourists? And what good is preservation to one small clocktower when all those really old buildings in Old Town are totally torn down to be built up instead of the more logical approach of just renovating them?

See the clock tower in 2011

Car theft on the rise.

About 6-8 cars were reported missing last night alone (10th June 2008). Not sure of the exact figures but it was around that.

My parents' car was also stolen.

In fact, we had sort of expected this to occur - this says a lot about the crime problems in Miri. It's not that we think it 'only happens to someone else' but we expected it to occur. Th problem is just 'when'?

Few days back, a friend's friend's Perdana was also stolen, but he was lucky as the police managed to spot it and get it back. It's interesting to know how they stole the cars - they simply drilled through the key hole, open the door and - if the car had a gear shift lock - using a hammer or heavy object, hit it hard enough so the lock mechanism breaks, but makes it drivable.

Steering locks are a deterrent but if they really wanted the car they'd be able to get past it anyhow (looking at the above example, a gearshift lock didn't work).

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