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 Welcome to, the unofficial web site and blog of Miri City, by Mirians, for Mirians, and tourists & travelers. Located in Northern Sarawak, on Borneo island, it is the gateway to exotic cave systems and natural rainforest reserves and is also adjacent to the neighboring country of Brunei.

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Loagan Bunut National Park Has Dried Up

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Loagan Bunut National Park has been totally dry since July 4 due to the recent dry spell.

According to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation, this is the third time the lake has dried up this year, first two drying during several weeks March and then May. The Loagan Bunut National Park is currently temporarily closed to visitors.

Loagan Bunut National Park

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Grand Old Lady is in Neglect

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According to a recent news article the area at Grand Old Lady at Canada Hill, a monument and landmark to Miri's First Oil Well, needed a facelift to save it from further deterioration due to neglect.

The site had been neglected so much that weeds had overgrown and some facilities are damaged or vandalized. Lighting are damaged or missing, information boards are barren and paintwork has peeled. More worrying, there is no a single officer to be found to guide tourists, if there are any left.

The Grand Old Lady represents the long history of oil production in Miri, which is also declared a protected historical site by the government. The poor upkeep and resulting neglect projects a negative image to Miri as a "Resort City" and will affect tourism


Grand Old Lady

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