History of Miri

The burial grounds at the Mulu Caves National Park are evidence of the oldest modern human settlement in South East Asia, and the cave area has been continously inhabited for 40,000 years, making it one of the most important archeological sites in the world.

Like most cities, Miri has a rich history. What started out as a small settlement of fishing village, Miri is now a modern city, some one hundred years later.

At the time of the spudding in of Well No.1, Miri was just a small rural kampong (village).

Here are very detailed information on the growth and development of what we now call the Miri Resort City.

This section is constantly being updated in sections. Please come back in the future for more information on the history of Miri.

1.'Earth Oil' | 2.The Early Days | 3.A little excitement | 4.Decline and war | 5.Rehabilitation | 6.Royal Occasions | 7.Coming of Age | 8.'The Oil Town' | 9.'A Resort City Status'

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