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Baram River (Batang Baram)

Baram River is a large river that origins hundreds of kilometers inland from the mountains at the border of Sarawak in the heart of Borneo. Baram River is the second longest river in Sarawak.

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Lutong River

Lutong River is a river that flows North-South along the coast to the west of Lutong town.

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River Road

River Road was the name of the road that stretches from the Tua Pek Kong Temple, past the fish market, old bus station (now a roundabout), the old Miri Port Authority Building (now Arcadia Square), ending at the old shop houses of what is now known as the Harbour View Inn building.

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Miri River (Sungai Miri)

Miri River is the body of water that splits Miri Peninsula and the mainland Miri, flowing out to sea from inland, curving at Lutong Town. In one particularly popular but inaccurate online map service, the river is incorrectly marked as Sungai Baong. Others references online have confused it with Baram River.

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Baong River (Sungai Baong)

Contrary to a particularly popular inaccurate online map's insistence on it being the main river along Miri Peninsular, the Baong River is NOT Miri's main river.

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Sungai Tujoh

Literally, Sungai Tujoh is translated as the Seventh River or Seventh Stream spelled in the form of Bruneian Malay language. An immigration post was built in the 1960s to control the movement of goods and people between Miri and points west in Sarawak with Brunei, at this "7th river".

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