Taman Selera

The oldest recreational park in Miri, Taman Selera is situated in Brighton about 3KM from the city center at Tanjung Lobang. Besides the golden sand beach, children's playground and outdoor facilities, there is an open air hawker center which is a popular eating place with all sorts of delightful local food. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and feel the cool sea breeze as you listen to the sound of the splashing waves..

Taman Selera (2012)

The area has a cliff with a cave in it, known as the Tanjong Lobang. Old local legend had it that a cave ran from Tanjung Lobang to Pujut, inhabited in the former days by two ferocious tigers so predatory that, from time to time, a young girl had to be thrown to them to appease their wrath. Such tales are mostly forgotten nowadays, and certainly no young girl sacrifices were made, nor is there actual recorded evidence of such event.

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