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Getting here

Sarawak has frequent air links from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu & Penang from Malaysia, as well as Singapore, Brunei, Jakarta & Pontianak, Indonesia. Miri airport receives flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, and Labuan, and interstate flights from Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and other smaller airports in and around Miri. Miri is also a one hour drive from Brunei. Principal carriers are MAS (Malaysia Airlines), MASWings & Air Asia.

The flights into Miri are linked daily by MAS, AirAsia and flights, using Boeing 737-400s, Airbus 320s while MASWings connects the intercity and smaller towns over 30 rural destinations in Sarawak & Sabah using ATR-72s and Twin Otters turboprops.

Airport Transport
Travel agents and hotels usually pick up their guests from the airport. Taxis into town are readily available, paid for by a 'taxi coupon' purchased at the airport. Use of public bus services is possible, but not recommended at this time.

Miri Visitor's Information Center
You can have access to up-to-date- brochure and maps at the Visitor's Information Center in Miri to aid in finding places to visit, tour and friendly advice.
Lot 452, Jalan Melayu, (Near Centerpoint) Miri.
Telephone : + 6 085 - 434180
Fax : + 6 085 - 434179

Immigration Formalities
Non-Malaysians need a valid passport, with a minimum of six months validity from their arrival date. Sarawak has its own immigration control; arrivals from Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia still need to undergo immigration clearance. Visitors to Brunei may need to apply for a Brunei visa. For peninsular Malaysians and Sabahans, MyKad may be used for immigration clearance and those intending to stay beyond six months, passport is required.

Export of Antiques
Any artifact made in or imported into Sarawak more than 100 years ago is deemed an antique, and cannot be exported without consent by the Sarawak Museum's Curator. The consent form is free and antique dealers should attend to the formalities.

The local currency is Ringgit Malaysia (RM or MYR) and comes in RM100, RM50, RM10, RM5 and RM1 notes. Money changers are available at most popular destinations and shopping areas. Credit cards are accepted in certain areas.

Should any need of banking need to be done, Miri has banks located in the following web site that should be able to deal with international needs: Miri Banking & Financing

Agricultural Restrictions
The import or export of plants and seeds is not allowed without a permit from the Sarawak Department of Agriculture.

Miri, like the rest of Sarawak and Malaysia, is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Median Mean Time (GMT) and 16 hours ahead of US Pacific Standard Time. Even though travelling between East and West Malaysia uses the same time zone to standardize time, the sun sets about one hour faster during the evenings in Miri than it does in Kuching or West Malaysia, given the distance in bewteen them along the longtitude.

Malay Language (or known locally as Bahasa Malaysia) is the national language. However, English is widely spoken in Miri. Other languages in Miri include Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Lun Bawang, Mandarin, and several Chinese dialects.

The official religion of Malaysia is Islam, but freedom of worship is guaranteed by the constitution. There are Christians, Buddhists, Hindaus, Sikhs, and followers of other faiths living here.

Electric Voltage is 220-240 (50 cycles). The type of power plugs used is the three square pin variety, so bringing an electric converter will come in handy. Major hotels will be able to supply adapters. There is electricity in all towns and national parks. Where electricity is not available in more remote areas, hurricane lamps and good torch lights are recommended.

Photographers are advised to bring watertight packaging for their cameras and film materials if they intend to go on upcountry trips. Sudden downpours, or splashes during a boat ride may ruin expensive equipment.

Rural Air Network
Formerly inaccessible destinations in Sarawak are now served by the rural air services of MAS Wings. From Miri, flights operate regular schedules to Bario, Long Lellang, Long Banga, Marudi, Long San, Ba Kelalan, Lawas, Long Seridian, Long Lama and Long Akah. There are direct flights from Limbang to Bario, and from Lawas to Ba Kelalan.

River Travel
The rivers of Sarawak have been the highways since time immemorial; express boats, speedboats and longboats ply their lower reaches. Longboats take over in the upper rivers. On a real 'inland trip' passenger often have to get out and wade in the shallow water while the crew manhandles the craft over rapids and gravel beds.

Overland Travel
There are two bus terminals in Miri. The one in Jalan Padang, adjacent to the Visitor's Information Center, serves the local network, with fares starting at 60 sen. Bus services to Sungei Tujuh (into Bandar Sri Begawan - Brunei) starts from here and is operated by the Miri-Belait Bus Company. The Outstation Bus Terminal is located at Pujut Corner, off the Miri-Pujut Road. Buses to Niah, Lambir Hills National Park, Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei and Kuching depart from here. You can see the schedule for outstation travel from Biaramas.

Sarawak is the region's most famous pepper producer./ be sure to bring some back for your friends and families. Many visitors from Malaysia take back with them frozen seafood and local fish. Local food such as shrimp paste, fruit preserves and pickles allow you to share a taste of Sarawak with friends. Kain songket, batik, beaded jewelery weaved mats and rattan baskets are reminders of the natives ingenious use of natural products. The musically inclined may wish to bring a sape back to share its haunting melody with others. Souvenirs can be bought at the following locations: Arts & Handicrafts

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