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Stories in Miri as told by you

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Popular & Friendly Japanese Dentist Secret Agents

Stories from the times of Operation Denial, a mysterious disappearing oil tank cover, and the Dental Agent Spies, at a time when the Miri was at the brink of war.

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THE Haunted House of Krokop

Most local-born Mirians from the 1970s to the 1980s would have heard of this story of this haunted house. The house, located near the main road at Krokop 10, next to the Krokop 10 Bazaar, was a typical wooden house on stilts of the colonial times, painted in a baby blue hue with some reddish accents along the windows, with a wooden staircase leading up to the second floor, where the actual living space is.

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The Great Epidemic

According to local legends, in the early 1900s, as Miri was seeing a boom in population as the result of the discovery of oil, a mysterious epidemic spread, wiping out a large number of the population in what was then a very small fishing village.

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Superstitious Well No.23

In the early days of oil extraction, there are many superstitions and stories supernatural entities. One such story is of Well No.23.

Well No.23 is an oil well that was drilled into, of all places next to the Krokop cemetery. Not surprisingly there there was much uneasiness to be drilling at the site of No.23. So famous were the many stories told of that working at that well, that if an oil worker was infuriated by a colleague, he might well tell him angrily (and euphemistically) "Go to 23!!".

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Story of Well No.478

The story of Well No.478, is that on one particular day, the driller on duty received a call instructing him to get his rig cleaned up as the Rajah, Sir Vyner Brooke was coming to visit him. It was 26th July, 1929, a momentous occassion, and Well 478 was one of the many places of visit for His Highness.

The driller, being concerned with etiquette than cleanliness, worried more about how he should address His Highness. "Do I call him 'Rajah, Sir, Sire, Your Excellency, or what?" "You don't address him at all, you just keep drilling." was the answer.

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Thursday 10 O'Clock Whistles

I recall the 10 o'clock whistles at the old Shell complex at the town area. This whistle will go off every Thursdays at 10 o'clock mornings in those good old days.

I've never figured out what the whistle was for, but every time when it goes off, this either intentionally, or unintentionally prompts everyone to check their watches and reset the time if necessary. I'm not sure if this was a timekeeping thing, but it sure is handy for that purpose. This whistle kept up until the early 1980s long after the refinery was moved to Lutong and it fell silent after that around that time.

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