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Centerpoint Phase 2 Food Center

Within Centerpoint Phase 2 there is a roofed roofed common walkway corridor where one can find many food & drinks stalls and coffeeshops.

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St. Columba's Kindergarten

St. Columba's Kindergarten one of the oldest kindergartens in Miri. Interestingly enough, the building was not built as a kindergarten, it was originally a church - the St. Columba's church - built and completed way back in 3rd September 1922.

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Colonial Cemetery (World War II Memorial Park)

A small, neglected Colonial era cemetery is located in between Gymkhana Club Miri and St. Columba's primary school. The cemetery contains a mix of European ex-pats, Chinese & orang Asli graves with marker stones.

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Gymkhana Club Miri (GCM)

Gymkhana Club Miri, also known as GCM by locals, is one of the oldest private recreational family club in Borneo.

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Indigenous Cuisine at Summit Cafe / Gerai Nuba Laya

Summit Cafe / Gerai Nuba Laya, located at Center Point Phase I serve interesting indigenous dishes.

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Center Point Commercial Center

Recent commercial center consisting of Phase 1 (2003) and Phase 2 (2009)
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Wisma Pelita Tunku

The first air conditioned shopping complex building in Miri, built up to more than 10 stories high, also a first.

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