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Borneo Specialist Hospital (Borneo Medical Centre)

Proposed 5 Storey Private Specialist Hospital at Jalan Cahaya. Now known as Borneo Medical Center.

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Miri City Medical Center (MCMC)

Miri City Medical Center primary & secondary care private hospital, complete 30-beds wards that is located at the city center at Hokkien Road.

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Columbia Asia Hospital

Columbia Asia Hospital-Miri was acquired in 1998. Located 4km from downtown Miri, it is a fully licensed community hospital in Sarawak.

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Miri General Hospital

Having started operation in May 1995, the current General Hospital is located at Cahaya road near Lopeng area, behind Canada Hill.

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Old General Hospital

The old Miri General Hospital, which was located on the peninsular at the Miri river mouth had long been operated by oil company Shell, with financial assistant from the government.

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