COVID-19 Information Hotline
For more information regarding Quarantine / International Travel arrangements / COVID19 :
Please Call :
✆ 603-88810200600 / 03-88810200700
✆ 6085-322085 (Miri)


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MRCS Sunflower Center

The Sunflower Center was established in March of 1982, located at the headquarters of the Red Crescent with the objective to aid affected families & to educate the public to appreciate and understand children and young adults who are mentally and/or physically handicapped and with special needs. The Sunflower Center is a charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the umbrella of Red Crescent, Miri Chapter.

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St. Columba's Kindergarten

St. Columba's Kindergarten one of the oldest kindergartens in Miri. Interestingly enough, the building was not built as a kindergarten, it was originally a church - the St. Columba's church - built and completed way back in 3rd September 1922.

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