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Gloria Hotel & Golden Restaurant

Gloria Hotel and Golden Restaurant along Brooke Road is familiar to many Mirians

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Yu Lan Plaza - Glass Tower

Yu Lan Plaza is the first all-glass high rise building in Miri. It is located in the midst of the old Miri town area, located next to the Miri Old Open Air Market. From far, Yu Lan Plaza is an easily recognizable landmark.

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Park Hotel

Miri's First "high rise" building with hotel with ground floor retail area, and a parking system.

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Wisma Pelita Tunku

The first air conditioned shopping complex building in Miri, built up to more than 10 stories high, also a first.

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Oil Well no.1 - Also known as the 'Grand Old Lady'

Miri's very first oil well, affectionately known as the 'Grand Old Lady' is a historic monument and a place of interest on top of Canada Hill. This is the original structure with some modifications, not a replica.


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