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Lutong River

Lutong River is a river that flows North-South along the coast to the west of Lutong town.

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Paragon Food Court Lutong

Paragon Food Court, located at the Paragon Hotel opposite of MYY Mall at Lutong is a food stall center establishment selling and a variety of seafood as well as the usual 'Kolo Mee' noodles, Sarawak Laksa and other local foods.

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Lutong Flood of 1980-1981

In late December 1980, strong winds, torrential rain, and heavy swells in the seas, constant heavy rains caused water from the Miri River to overflow into Lutong.
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Lutong Cinema

The Lutong Cinema was constructed in 1959, and as one of the first post war cinemas is a source of entertainment for Mirians and Lutongites.

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Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam

Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam is a recreational club located in Lutong originally set up for the oil & gas communities there.

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Lutong Ferry

Long before Lutong bridge was constructed, the area had a ferry service, possibly at or near the site of what is now the Lutong bridge today. These pictures were taken on 4th July, 1945 during the ending stages of the Japanese occupation, by the Australian 2/13 infantry battalion aiming to reoccupy Sarawak from Japanese.

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Lutong Bridge

Lutong Bridge is the bridge linking Pujut 8 to Lutong across Miri River. This bridge was originally one-lane both directions, but eventually upgraded in the early 2000s to accommodate for more traffic to two-lane for both directions.

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Paragon Lutong Hotel

The Paragon Lutong Hotel is an elegant hotel and the latest landmark in the bustling commercial and residential township of Lutong

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Lutong Beach

A beach with a history, Lutong Beach is a popular beach side in front of the old Lutong Airfield, currently popular with beach goers and paramotor flyers.
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Myy Mall Shopping Complex

Myy Mall Shopping Complex, Lutong township's first shopping complex. Described as a “suburban family friendly mall”, the mall opened to the general public in 2013.

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Lutong Town

Lutong is Miri's first major satellite township, and one that is the heart of the oil and gas operations.
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Lutong Airstrip (Decommissioned)

A little history of the Lutong Airfield / Airstrip / Airport

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Map of Lutong in 1994

The map of Lutong, in 1994.

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