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Kingsway Road

Photos of Kingsway Road, 1950s and in 2006.

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Miri Night Street Market (Brooke Road)

Miri Night Street Market at Brooke Road, is proposed by the Miri Council to be implemented some time around the end of February or early March 2018 that offers a trading space for night market vendors, traders, farmers, artists, craftspersons for trading of their goods or services at night.
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Persekutuan Road (Jalan Persekutuan)

Also known as "America Road", "Reversed Road", "Opposite Driving Road" by the locals, the road where we drive on the left instead of the right, and is rightly a fairly controversial subject of contention regarding its road planning.
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South Yu Seng

South Yu Seng Road is the southern stretch of road connecting North Yu Seng.
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River Road

River Road was the name of the road that stretches from the Tua Pek Kong Temple, past the fish market, old bus station (now a roundabout), the old Miri Port Authority Building (now Arcadia Square), ending at the old shop houses of what is now known as the Harbour View Inn building.

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Sungai Tujoh

Literally, Sungai Tujoh is translated as the Seventh River or Seventh Stream spelled in the form of Bruneian Malay language. An immigration post was built in the 1960s to control the movement of goods and people between Miri and points west in Sarawak with Brunei, at this "7th river".

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Woodhouse Road (Jalan Woodhouse)

How the name "Woodhouse" road came to be had a very peculiar story.

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Riam Road

Riam Road is one of the oldest roads in Miri. Originally just a dirt and stone path road, today the road is tar sealed, and connects from Miri-Bintulu Roadway intersection at King Commercial Center to Alpine Road.

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Chan Chak Road

Chan Chak Road (Jalan Chan Chak) is a small residential lane named after a wise man in Miri in the early 1900s.

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"Miri Tourism Corridor" / North Yu Seng Road

"Tourism Corridor" at North Yu Seng Road.

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