Miri City Fan

Miri City Fan
A unique fan-shaped (when viewed from the air) urban civic park, it is about 26 acres is carefully sited in the hub of sports, educational and cultural facilities of Miri. Miri City Fan is designed to create civic consciousness by the embodiment of several symbolic parks.

It is a world-class urban civic park with the setting for sport, educational and cultural activities. It includes a promenade, parkland, an amphitheater, musical fountain, a library and cultural center and various ethnic gardens. The 10.4-hectare park was accorded the Malaysia's best landscaped city park.


Pustaka Miri is a two-storey building earmarked as one of the anchor nodes for the Miri City Fan. Located along the central axis to Dewan Suarah Miri (Miri Civic Centre), this horseshoe-shaped sandstone building with lighth green curtain walling is designed as a tranquil oasis acting as the symbolic apex of information technology in the civic heart of Miri Resort City.

The ground floor houses Multimedia Galeri with a special corner dedicated for Children's Infotheque. The first floor houses an auditorium, special collection area, and Information Resource Centre which overlooks the Miri City Fan's amphitheatre and Garden of Vision.

The basement floor houses the surau and a multipurpose room, which has a direct linkage to the amphitheatre.

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