Miri Luak Esplanade

The espalade is located at Luak, in the outskirt of Miri city, by the coastal highway. its a great place for family outings and leisure enjoyment. With plenty of car parking space and a great beach front spanning kilometers, people gather here to enjoy the ocean scenery, face the ocean breeze, have picnics in the afternoons - and in the evenings people participate in car audio and various lively activities during the weekend.

Best time to visit are during the weekends, Saturday - Sundays, as usually there are food stalls set up along the stretch with a variety of local delights, snacks and drinks to try.

Locals have a tendency to mis-read / misspell it as "x-planet", or "xplanade".

To visit the Luak Esplanade:

Because it is located relatively far from the city, it is recommended that you have your own transport (rented cars) or call a taxi to get there. Be sure to get the taxi drivers' numbers so you can call them when it is time to get back.