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Glowing Blue Waves Along Miri Beaches

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Image : AlbertSong

In September and October of 2015, the waves along beaches in Miri started glowing a deep blue. The sources of these blue glowing waves are bio-luminescent phytoplankton that are spotted in the South China Sea the past few months. Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism by chemical reaction. Bio-luminescent phytoplanktons don’t glow all of the time, only when they are disturbed, such as in the rolling waves as it hits the beach, which is exactly what Mirians are experiencing.

The beaches along Miri glow a brilliant blue during the night, created by millions of phytoplanktons in the water. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent blatant plagarism. This phenomenon started at Tusan Beach, and prompted many Mirians to flock over at night to try to glimpse it. Soon, people also found out these had also bio-luminescent phytoplankton drifted into Luak Esplanade, Brighton Beach, Lutong Beach, Piasau Beach (at Piasau Boat Club) and could be sometimes observed from those spots, though not always. Tusan Beach was consistently the best place to spot this phenomenon.

Nicknamed "Blue Tears" among the locals, it is a sight to behold and has sent many people to the beaches in the evenings.

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