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Beach Republic

Beach Republic is a beach side club located along Jalan Bakam at Luak, facing the South China Sea.
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Glowing Blue Waves Along Miri Beaches

Nicknamed "Blue Tears" among the locals, this phenomenon is a sight to behold and has sent many people to the beaches in the evenings.
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Tusan Beach

A place of interest, Tusan Beach is a beautiful beach area near Tusan about an hour's travel time from the city. Along the smooth sandy beach, coral reefs, a waterfall, several cliffsides and a defining feature; a large cliff with a arch eroded through it dubbed the "Drinking Horse".

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"Seahorse Island"

Seahorse Island (not its official name) is planned to be a man-made island, in the shape of Miri's mascot - the seahorse - for the 3rd phase of the Brighton Beach's redevelopment master plan. Once completed this island will be about 800 metres off the coast from Brighton Beach, and planned to feature recreational, commercial and residential areas.

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Shrimp Harvest (Bubuk)

The catching of bubuk is an annual cycle in Miri. During this phenomenon these shrimps arrive in the millions in the shallow waters of the sea off the beaches of Miri, and the fisherfolks using their fishing tool, known as the 'paka', scoop them up from the waters by wading into the sea.

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Piasau Boat Club

Piasau Boat Club is Borneo's premier sports and leisure club. The club hosts activities such as sailing, diving, fishing, rowing, various ball sports as well as parties for both adults and kids.

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Hawaii Beach

'Hawaii Beach' is a stretch of beach known for its beautiful location and blue calm seas, very popular with Mirians that is located at Kampung Bakam, a 25 minute drive from Miri city center.

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Lutong Beach

A beach with a history, Lutong Beach is a popular beach side in front of the old Lutong Airfield, currently popular with beach goers and paramotor flyers.
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Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera at Brighton Beach

Tanjung Lobang & Taman Selera is one of the older beach areas in Miri that was developed as a public area that has a park and food stall area.

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Luak Esplanade

The espalade is located at Luak, in the outskirt of Miri city, by the coastal highway. It's a great place for family outings and leisure enjoyment.

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When A Small Plane Landed on a Bakam Beach

On this Saturday of 25th July 2009, cellphones in Miri lit up with a flood of messages circulating of rumors that a light plane had ditched into the sea off the coast of Miri around noon.

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