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Game : City Clicker

Another City builder, click the buildings to collect income and build the infrastructure.
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Electric bikes as a form of transportation in Miri

Electric bikes are getting more and more popular, and will likely be here to stay for the long run. Bikes of all type are available and can vary so much from a standard bike design; if you can imagine it, someone has already built it.
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Cycling in and Around Miri

Bicycling in and around Miri, the majority of the Miri commercial areas could be reached by just bicycles.
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Game: Build your own City!

Ever wanted to build your own city? Now you can! The only limit is your imagination.
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Tzu Chi 3R Center at Taman Tunku Community Hall

Tzu Chi 3R Center at Taman Tunku is a recycling center that makes use of the Taman Tunku Community Hall to collect, redistribute, and resell recyclable items as part of an initiative to promote recycling.
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Bat Exodus / Swarm

Millions of bat swarms out out of the Deer Cave in order to hunt for insects at dusk, usually about 5pm to 7pm. On some occasions they have been known to fly out at 4pm, usually on darker, cloudy days.

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Glowing Blue Waves Along Miri Beaches

Nicknamed "Blue Tears" among the locals, this phenomenon is a sight to behold and has sent many people to the beaches in the evenings.
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Paintball Gaming

Paintball gaming is a recreational extreme-style sport in Miri located at Kampung Sukan Petronas Miri.

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Diving Haven

Miri has long been known for its exotic national parks and caves, its under water world is now gaining attention of scuba divers ever since the untouched coral reefs were discovered in recent years.

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