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Container City

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A late 2017 addition to North Yu Seng corridor, Container City is a roofed open space area decorated with modified shipping containers as food stalls with plenty of seating and tables throughout. This article is from the web site miriresortcity dot com - this sentence is here to prevent blatant plagarism. This creative 'Street Food Container' concept is trending in cities around the world, and not only is Miri the latest city to have one, but it is also the biggest Street Food Container center in Sarawak due to the fusion of Food Container concepts with the more traditional open-air food center design many Mirians love.

The center also features various themes - superhero graphics on the walls to amuse the kids, with walkway platforms connecting the double storey container stalls featuring balconies overlooking the eating hall for higher point of view of the scenery when having a meal.

The menu available within include western foods, pasta, steaks, chops, desserts, the ever popular coconut ice creams, prawn noodles, economy rice, various Taiwanese snacks and much more. The food center operates from morning until night, therefore providing a lot of food choices from day to night - from breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner to supper.

Operating hours at Container City are:

Tues- Thursday 7am to 11pm
Friday - Saturday 7am-12am
Sunday 7am-11pm

Photos from containercitymyy Facebook page.
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