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Miri City Parade 2005 Archive Video

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Miri May Fest is a festival that has been held annually in Miri since the May of 1989. However, the May of year 2005 marked a very important year - it was the year that Miri was officially upgraded to a 'city' status.

On 20th May 2005 , Miri was officially elevated to a 'city' status. On that day, celebrations across the downtown of Miri City, with parades and performances.

The video above captures a full, unedited, video recorded in tape, of the parade floats and celebration, announcements and crowds during that day - part of a collection of videos from a 'HandyCam' taken by a friend who wants to share this historic moment of a once-in-a-lifetime Miri City Parade in 2005.

Video : 360TourAsia

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