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Overparking Charges

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Parked in Miri? Chances are you'd have gotten charged for "overparking". Or maybe you didn't realized you need to stop in the proper spaces and have gotten a fine. Or, you simply just missed the allocated parking space completely when attempting to make a vehicular maneuver into allocated vehicular parking spaces. See how much has been imposed on you by searching here.

As a general guideline, for not displaying parking coupons, MYR15 will be fined. For not parking in the proper spaces provided, the fine of MYR30 will be charged. Even if you've displayed your parking coupon accordingly, if the displayed time duration was over due by even a minute, which would be considered as "over parking", MYR1 will be charged for that duration of half an hour or one hour, depending on the zone. Subsequent duration will again be charged MYR1 for the next half hour / hour and so on.

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