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Grave of the Light House Keeper, Awang Metali

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Considered a lone hero of World War II, the story of Lighthouse Keeper Awang Metali is a grim reminder of the horrors of the Second World War that Miri went through.

Awang Metali was a lighthouse keeper at Tanjung Lobang in the 1940s. During the invasion of December 1941, he was tragically killed by the invading Japanese. No one knew why or how, perhaps - it was thought - he was trying to defend his lighthouse against the Imperial Army. His death was not known until about six days after the initial invasion as during the panic of the invasion it wasn't possible nor was it in the minds of people to search for Awang. His body was found by his family and they buried him within the Lighthouse compounds. The grave itself was built at a later date.

Awang Metali's descendants go to his grave once a year to show their respect and clear the grave site. The grave is located within a stone's throw from the World War II memorial and the Lighthouse.

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