Taman Tunku Water Tower

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The Taman Tunku Water Tower is located within Taman Tunku residential area, and the water tower is essential for storing and supplying water for the area.

Constructed out of concrete in the mid to late 1980s, and painted bright checkered orange and white with the words 'Taman Tunku' on it, it sticks out as the only tall structure in that area, tall enough to be seen from seen from the Miri Airport Terminal, which is a familiar and recognizable landmark for Mirians returning or taking off in flights and from the terminal building.

Look straight out of the terminal building in the direction of the runway upon arrival at Miri, and you'll see it.

Unfortunately, some time in 2019, the decision was made to repainted the tower in light blue, as a result this made it less obvious against the sky and background. The repainting also did away with checkered patterns and the words 'Taman Tunku', leaving the landmark less interesting and not as eye-catching when viewed from afar.


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