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Twin Pioneer Wreck, Bario

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The wreck of a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.1 aircraft, located at Bario Airport can still be seen today.

The Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer was a capable airplane for short field take off & landings. The aircraft saw active duty in Borneo in the 1960s.

On the Friday of 11th September 1964, a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.1 operated by the Royal Air Force - RAF bearing the registration of XP294 landing at Bario on a wet runway, when it was swinging around it got too close to a ditch, causing the edge of the ditch to give way and the port undercarriage to become stuck. The aircraft was salvageable in this state, but was inevitably damaged beyond repair when the army attempted to drag it using ropes away from the runway. There were no fatalities in this event. Special thanks to David Somerville for providing more information on this event.

The usable parts of the aircraft was salvaged but the fuselage remained near the site next to a field to this day, having sat around for more than 50 years since its last ever landing.

Picture courtesy of wazari, from Instagram.

Accident description

To explore this wreck, travel plans needed to include a flight to Bario.

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